Veterinary Division

Veterinary Division occupies a front row position and has long leading role in marketing Animal Health and care products, led and managed by highly qualified veterinarians.

The Veterinary Division aims to provide high quality products and service to Animal Sector in UAE by adopting creative and professional marketing approach, adhering to highest standards of scientific rigor, customer service and ethics that exceed customer needs and expectations. The pioneering attempts and efforts of Veterinary Division have spread its wings all around the UAE in marketing various animal health & care products.

Veterinary Division is one of the leaders in UAE for animal healthcare product and has long leading role in marketing led and managed by highly qualified veterinarians, with joint working arrangements with customers and suppliers, therefore possesses a unique blend of expertise that makes us excel in our endeavor of identifying/satisfying customers “Better & Simple Solutions for Complex Business Problems and Needs”

The range of Animal Health & Care products includes:

  • Anti-infective
  • Anti-Inflammatory
  • Anthelmintics
  • Anticoccidials
  • Animal Hygiene & Preventive products: skincare preparations, mastitis and pain killers.
  • Instruments & Other Products
  • Biological
  • Metabolites & Fluid Preparations
  • Nutritional Supplements
  • Parasiticides
  • Pet Healthcare Products
  • Teat dipping solutions