We believe a successful business is nothing but a team of people who trusted and complement each other.

We are proud of our team, their dedication and commitment that makes us what we are. AE Management Team includes some of the most experienced and respected figures of the industry and together they make a formidable force working on behalf of our partners.

Rawhi Hatem Rawhi Al-Khatib​​​

General Manager


As General Manager of Arabian Ethicals, Mr Al-Khatib has an excellent track-record in creating value to shareholders through new business growth initiatives, effective P/L management, and focus on profitability improvement strategies. With over 17 years of executive, managerial and leadership experience in the Middle E​ast and Egypt, he has worked in senior roles at a number of large multi-national organizations, including Philip Morris, JTI, HBG and Motorola Incorporated.
As a true leader, I believe in team work and to enable and nurture my business leaders to achieve new height of success.

Dr. Nabil Kamal

Division Manager, Pharma


Dr. Nabil Kamal is example of true and honest leadership. He has been attached to AE for more than 10 years and one of key reason for AE standing in Pharmaceutical distribution business. Under his dynamic leadership, he has not only enabled growth in AE business but also allow AE to sustain the growth while keeping our principles and business value intact.
We believe in our values, that is based on honesty and integrity. We consider our values as core driver to unlimited growth opportunity, which has proven over and over again.

Dr. Bassam Al Hasham

Division Manager, Veterinary


Dr. Bassam is true reflection of our commitment to market and to its employees. He has attached to AE for more than 30 years and worked as multiple roles before becoming Manager for AE Veterinary division. He has proved again and again one of valuable asset of our organization. He is example of truly dedicated professional with most meticulously planned sales and market plan that enable him to control and manage his business area with great ease.
Customer relationship is one of our key strength. We believe business always happen between person to person; a close relationship imparts trust between the parties that creates a win-win situation.

Akhtar Hussain Baksh

Finance Manager


Mr. Akhtar has extensive finance background and has brought lot of rich experience when joined AE. Before joining he has worked at many large organization and MNC in similar roles, his experience is distribution business and related financial management has proved quite useful and instrumental to manage AE business.
Accurate and well managed finance department play a role of backbone to any successful business. We understand that our role is not to control but to help our business to grow and help them remain healthy.